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How much music do we listen to per day? How much of it conveys something to us? How much of it sounds really different? How does it manage not to annoy us? To soothe us? To please us?

DILEK embodies this search. It explores the gap between the erotic and the porn. At DILEK, we try to discover and uncover rather than to remember. We look for the "it" element in music which moves us beyond while rooting us in the here and now. Fact: none of us know very well who we are, or where we are going, or where we might pause in this world in which we breathe. We only know that sometimes we are allowed to grasp "something"... To sense and understand bits and pieces of the mystery. The world reveals itself to us in fragments, like minimal segments of music, still broken, incomplete. Sounds, but not just any sounds. The sounds of doubt, search, investigation, disclosure. Sounds capable of engendering associations, poetry. Sounds un-finished which reflect the tension of our life, always bridging over gaps, from one particle of experience to the next, creating a whole…


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Latest Release


Dilek Records 001

Franco Bianco
Mola EP
Dilek Records 001

A1 Franco Bianco - Mola [9:04]

A2 Franco Bianco - Mola (Bloody Mary Remix) [06:13]

B1 Franco Bianco - Mola (Tony Rohr Remix) [08:26]

B2 Franco Bianco - Wolb (Digital Only)

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Shadi Megallaa
Giza Visa EP
Dilek Records 002

A1 Shadi Megallaa - Giza Visa (Original Mix)

A2 Shadi Megallaa - Giza Visa (Mikael Stavoestrand RMX)

B1 Shadi Megallaa - Giza Visa (Zap-Muten RMX)

DG1 Shadi Megallaa - Nerv-ous Breakdown (Original Mix)

DG2 Shadi Megallaa & Michal Ho - Put your phones on, turn the bass up (Original Mix)

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Donor / Truss
Watson EP
Dilek Records 003

A1 Donor / Truss – Watson (Original Mix)

A2 Donor / Truss – Scafe ( Original Mix)

B1 Donor / Truss – Watson (Elon Remix)

B2 Donor / Truss – Watson (Korall Remix)

DG1 Donor / Truss – Falling Apart

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Mike Wall
She Comes EP
Dilek Records 004

A1 She Comes (Original Mix)

A2 Phantom (Original Mix)

B1 She Comes (Alexi Delano Remix)

B2 She Comes (Miro Pajic Remix)

DG1 She Comes (Franco Bianco & Nacho Benedetti Remix)

DG2 She Comes (Live Mix)

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Franco Bianco
Planchete Lateral EP
Dilek Records 005

A1 Planchete Lateral (Original Mix)

B1 Planchete Lateral (Marek Hemmann Remix)

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Dilek Records 006

A1 Yoji

A2 Gugela

B1 Yoji (Mathias Schaffhäuser Remix)

C1 Ksюn

C2 Nyaako

D1 Enola

D2 Woody Man

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Martin Huergo & Andres Oddone
Suleika EP
Dilek Records 007

A1 Martin Huergo & Andres Oddone – Suleika (Original Mix)

A2 Martin Huergo & Andres Oddone – Sherezada (Original Mix)

B1 Martin Huergo & Andres Oddone - Suleika (Pier Bucci Remix)

DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE Martin Huergo & Andres Oddone – Gaitas (Original Mix)

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Quinchos EP
Dilek Records 008

A1 Quinchos (Original Mix)

A2 Quinchos (Abe Duque Remix)

B1 Quinchos (Misstress Barbara Remix)

B2 Quinchos (Franco Bianco Remix)

DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE - Quinchos (Abe Duque Dub Remix)

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Dilek Recordings 009

Okul V/A
Dilek Records 009

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Dilek Recordings 010

Benedetti & Bianco
Jorge Drexler Remixes
Dilek Records 010

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Dilek Records 011

Marquez Ill
I'll Kill You Last EP
Dilek Records 011

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Dilek Records 012

Jose Wated & Encebolladoman
Satisfy My Soul EP
Dilek Records 012

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